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Executive Insights: Growing Up Tech

Michael Xie, Founder, President and CTO of Fortinet shares some pointers on how to raise a tech business successfully.

By Michael XieJuly 13, 2018

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Executive Insights: If it is Not Seamless, It is Not Secure

As the number of connected devices on networks and subsequent threats increase at a rate that is practically immeasurable, many organizations are making the mistake of fighting fire with fire. They are meeting complexity with complexity -- a moment-to-moment tactical response that reduces their cybersecurity to an inefficient collection of vendors, protocols and operating systems.

By Michael XieJanuary 18, 2018

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Executive Insights: The Evolution of Threat Intelligence

The entire security arms race between IT professionals and cybercriminals is really about one side constantly trying to outsmart the other. Security isn’t just about tools. It’s also about the intelligence that powers them. Which is why when we started Fortinet 16 years ago we were every bit as committed to developing security intelligence and research solutions that were as innovative as the technology we were developing.

By Michael XieDecember 07, 2017