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Threat Research

Analysis of a Fresh Variant of the Emotet Malware

Recently, FortiGuard Labs captured a fresh variant of the Emotet malware. This time, it’s embedded in a Microsoft Word document. We did a quick analysis on it, and in this blog we show how it works on a victim’s machine.

By Xiaopeng ZhangFebruary 18, 2019

Threat Research

Malicious Macro Bypasses UAC to Elevate Privilege for Fareit Malware

To survive, Macro downloaders have to constantly develop new techniques for evading sandbox environments and anti-virus applications. Recently, Fortinet spotted a malicious document macro designed to bypass Microsoft Windows’ UAC security and execute Fareit, an information stealing malware, with high system privilege. SPAM This malicious document is distributed by a SPAM email.  As part of its social engineering strategy, it is presented in the context of someone being interested in a product. Fig.1 SPAM with the malicious...

By Joie Salvio and Rommel JovenDecember 16, 2016