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Diligence is the Mother of Good Locky Detection

These past few weeks, here at FortiGuard Labs we have created a system which monitors Locky ransomware.This system collects new samples and extracts the configuration of the malware. Last 05/30/2016 and 05/31/2016, we found two new variants with some updates added to its code. In this post, we will share first its update specifically on its URI and HTTP POST request and then the new feature.URI updatePreviously, the URI had /userinfo.php which is found from its configuration. With the new variants discovered, the URI has been updated to /access.cgi,...

By Floser Usal Bacurio June 01, 2016

Threat Research

Locker: an Android ransomware full of surprises

There are already a couple of Android ransomware, but Android/Locker.CB!tr certainly is an interesting one. Smile! The malware is taking a picture of you   The malware claims it has detected "forbidden pornographic" pictures on your device, says it has reported it to the FBI and asks you to pay a fine of $500. To make the (fake) report appear even more scary, the malware displays your IP address and a picture of you. It says those were sent in the report to the FBI. Legend. Scare page of Android/Locker How did it...

By Axelle Apvrille August 11, 2015