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Threat Research

Undocumented Excel Variable Used in Malicious Spam Run Targeting Japanese Users

The FortiGuard SE group discovered a malware campaign that had been using social engineering techniques to target Japanese citizens. Learn more.

By FortiGuard SE Team June 28, 2019

Threat Research

Fake Tsunami Alert Brings Malware to Japan

In November, FortiGuard Labs uncovered a spam campaign that included a tsunami alert for Japanese citizens. In this article, we analyze the malware downloaded from the fake JMA website and research another campaign by the same actor.

By Yueh-Ting Chen and Evgeny Ananin December 19, 2018

Threat Research

FakeSpy Comes Back. New Wave Hits Japan

FortiGuard Labs recently encountered malicious traffic traveling to a C2 server located in China. The connection was established by a domain using a name that closely resembled one of Japan’s most famous express post delivery services. Our analysis showed that the website making this connection is fake, and moreover, it is spreading an Android malware.

By Dario Durando and Evgeny Ananin October 02, 2018