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Executive Insights: Growing Up Tech

Michael Xie, Founder, President and CTO of Fortinet shares some pointers on how to raise a tech business successfully.

By Michael Xie July 13, 2018

Business and Technology

Executive Insights: Innovating for Business Success

Innovation, at its core, is about creating an environment where creativity is encouraged, resourced, and rewarded. We saw that point illustrated in the news recently.

By Michael Xie June 08, 2017

Business and Technology

With More Than 340 Patents and Counting, Fortinet’s Visionary Innovation is Driving the Evolution of Security

Our patent reward program open to all employees is a huge part of why Fortinet has reached another innovation milestone - more than 343 patents issued worldwide, with more pending.

By Darren Turnbull November 22, 2016

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Innovation Insights - 300 Patents and Counting...

It’s been said that the definition of technology innovation is creating significant positive change. This month marks a milestone in Fortinet’s efforts to create an entire culture dedicated to this sort of entrepreneurial innovation, with its 300th patent being issued worldwide - and over 250 additional patent applications pending! This is over five times the number of patented cybersecurity inventions of some of Fortinet’s closest competitors. Why is this important? Because, frankly, in the security market there are far too...

By Bill McGee April 26, 2016