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Fortinet Provides “Secure Office in a Box” for Secure COVID-19 Testing at Remote Sites

By partnering with Fortinet, this healthcare system was able to rapidly acquire and deploy the equipment necessary to create multiple “secure offices in a box” for remote testing sites. Learn more.

By Sonia AristaMay 22, 2020

Business and Technology

Fortinet’s Commitment to Healthcare Enables Scalable COVID-19 Testing and Care Solution

Learn how this hospital system was able to quickly scale its secure network to multiple temporary testing sites by deploying a “network in a box” from Fortinet.

By Sonia AristaMay 22, 2020

Business and Technology

Top Cyber Trends in Healthcare Today

The healthcare sector remains a top target for cyberattacks. We sat down with Sonia Arista, an expert in the field, to learn about key cyber trends affecting healthcare today, and where health CISOs need to place their focus.

By FortinetAugust 17, 2018

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In Healthcare, Data Security Can Be Difficult

This is a guest post from Erik Devine, CISO, Riverside Healthcare. In a complex healthcare system, ensuring data security can be difficult. Today, the threats are numerous and always evolving. From our vantage point at Riverside Healthcare, a 325-bed acute hospital with connected senior care centers and a wellness center, security presents a lot of moving parts. It’s difficult to identify our vulnerabilities, much less address them. That’s where a partner like Fortinet becomes so crucial. Fortinet understands that healthcare...

By Erik DevineJune 24, 2016