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Executive Insights: The Future: It Ain't What It Used to Be

The problem with the future-as baseball legend Yogi Berra, the founders of the Internet, and any CISO or CTO can assure you-is that, increasingly, it ain't what it used to be.

By Phil Quade March 12, 2018

Industry Trends

Financial Services Cybersecurity: Addressing the Horizontal Attack Surface

With industry-specific compliance requirements driving security spending and deployment, it’s natural to assume that best practices for securing access to sensitive data are different from vertical to vertical. However, that assumption may be changing. 

By Bill Hogan November 03, 2017

Threat Research

A wrap up of HITCON 2017

The 13th annual Hacks In Taiwan Conference (HITCON) took place August 25th and 26th at Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s national academy located in Taipei. Elite cyber security researchers from across the world gather at this annual conference to share their research and exchange ideas about the global threat landscape. Approximately 1000 people registered for the conference and, according to one of the HITCON crewmembers we met, one third of the attendees were undergraduates and fresh graduates. This is a good sign, given...

By Wayne Chin Yick Low and Yongjian Yang September 05, 2017