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The Convergence of Networking and Security is Critical to Enable Digital Innovation

Learn more about the critical role that the convergence of networking and security will play in helping organizations enable digital innovation through 2021 and beyond.

By Courtney Radke, Joe Robertson, and Renee Tarun December 17, 2020

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Securing the Future with AI-Driven Security Operations

Three of Fortinet’s CISOs joined us for a virtual discussion on how, with AI-driven security operations, CISOs are better equipped to protect their entire digital attack surface and meet the needs of today’s digital businesses.

By Courtney Radke, Renee Tarun, and Troy Ament October 09, 2020

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A CISO’s Guide to Cybersecurity Planning in 2020 and Beyond

Three of Fortinet’s CISOs joined us for a virtual conversation about cybersecurity planning for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. Read more on how to overcome remote work security challenges.

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Securing the Cloud During Remote Work

Read insights from three Fortinet Field CISOs about the challenges of, and the need for, maintaining consistent security in the cloud during remote work.

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A Discussion on Zero-Trust Network Access

Read insights from two Fortinet Field CISOs about the challenges of, and the need for, Zero-Trust Network Access as networks continue to evolve and the digital attack surface expands.

By Courtney Radke and Alain Sanchez June 18, 2020

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Securing Operational Technology in a Dynamic Landscape

Read perspective from three Fortinet Field CISOs about best practices for securing operational technology networks in today’s evolving threat landscape.

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SD-WAN for Today’s Security and Networking Requirements

SD-WAN streamlines network access while simultaneously improving application performance. See how SD-WAN helps organizations meet today’s network security requirements.

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Overcoming Remote Work Security Challenges

Learn what Fortinet's Field CISOs recommend for addressing remote work security concerns that have arisen as a result of new telework policies.

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Securing the Teleworker Business Model

Read how these Fortinet Field CISOs recommend organizations address the new challenges they are facing as the initial phase of the remote work transition progresses.

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Ensuring Business Continuity During Transition

Hear three of Fortinet’s Field CISOs – Renee Tarun, Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, and Courtney Radke – discuss the challenges and opportunities organizations are facing as they transition to new work paradigms.