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Threat Research

New Spam Attack Targets Romanian Corporation

The FortiGuard SE team has discovered an ongoing malicious spam campaign over the past few weeks. It uses a combination of a variant of the Fareit/Pony downloader together with the Formbook infostealer malware. Read this analysis report of the spam campaign.

By FortiGuard SE Team May 08, 2019

Threat Research

Potential Ichitaro Phishing Vulnerability

The FortiGuard Labs team continually tracks phishing and spam campaigns around the world. Sending users macro-enabled documents with a malicious payload is one of the most commonly used malware attack vectors for phishing campaigns. This attack vector has been used by used by such prevalent malware families as Dridex, Fareit, and Hancitor. The key to these sorts of campaigns is luring users into clicking on a malicious file attached to an email message. As a result, malware distributors are always looking for ways to trick users into executing their...

By Tien Phung Phan October 02, 2017

Threat Research

New Fareit Variant Analysis

Fareit is a family of malware designed to steal confidential information. It has been around for several years, and typically steals system information and application credentials stored on infected systems. Recently, our FortiGuard Lab captured a new Fareit variant which can be detected as virus Malicious_Behavior.VEX.99. The MD5 of this malware sample is f69a1384fc510aad8770f073bafe512f. In this blog, we want to share our findings about how this Fareit malware variant works. What Confidential Information Is Collected From Victims? The...

By Xiaopeng Zhang May 06, 2016