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Threat Research

Report: Dissecting Our Q2 Threat Landscape Research

Today we released our Q2 Global Threat Landscape report for 2017. The data in our quarterly threat analysis is drawn from over 3 million network devices and sensors deployed within live production environments around the world.

By Neil MatzAugust 21, 2017

Threat Research

Report: Cybercriminals Are Building an Army of Things Creating a Tipping Point for Cybersecurity

Today, Fortinet released our quarterly Threat Landscape Report for Q4 of 2016. The data in it was drawn from millions of security devices located around the world that analyze up to 50 billion threats a day. Which means that the conclusions and trends detailed in this report are based on over a trillion security events that occurred between Oct 1 and Dec 31, 2016.

By Derek MankyMarch 28, 2017