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Breakdown of a Targeted DanaBot Attack

A FortiGuard SE Team threat analysis report on a DanaBot attack.

By FortiGuard SE Team March 01, 2019

Industry Trends

Watching Out For IoT and Mobile Threats During the Holidays

In addition to remaining vigilant for new threats and vulnerabilities, don’t lose sight of what’s happening within your own environment. Basic cyber hygiene is perhaps the most neglected element of security today.

By Anthony Giandomenico December 25, 2018

Business and Technology

The Why and How of Advanced Email Security

In FortiMail 6.0 a deep integration with FortiMail appliances, SaaS and public cloud options continues to play a key role in an organizations defense.

By David Finger June 25, 2018

Partners | Business and Technology

Provide Customers with Advanced Threat Defense Against Email-Based Attacks

Cybercriminals use email to trick users into providing login credentials or initiating fraudulent transactions, as well as to unknowingly install malware, ransomware, and other malicious payloads. These are some of the top email-based cyberattacks that your customers need be aware of.

By David Finger April 26, 2018