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Intent-Based Segmentation: Beyond Zero Trust

The paradox of today’s networks is that while applications, and workflows need to move freely across a distributed network, open environments allow attackers to also easily move across that network to cause damage. Intent-based Segmentation solves that problem by enabling the flexibility and adaptability that today's networks require, without compromising on security or performance.

By Jonathan Nguyen-DuyApril 03, 2019

Industry Trends

Today’s Best Practices for Protecting the Distributed Network

In the new digital economy, businesses that are able to adapt will be the most competitive and successful. This will require adopting new technologies, networking systems, and strategies. But many of the emerging technologies and strategies that are being deployed across our networks come with a set of unknowns that are having a huge impact on security. The reason is that traditional approaches to security were never really designed to protect dynamic, borderless, and hyper-connected environments. Many Factors Are in Play For example,...

By Matthew PleySeptember 27, 2017