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Securing The Distributed Enterprise Requires an Open Security Ecosystem

A security architecture built around a framework of open standards not only ensures interoperability, but also increases performance.

By John MaddisonApril 09, 2019

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Redefining the Cloud and Cloud Security

While the business advantages of the cloud are significant, rapid migration is also introducing complexities and risks that few organizations have adequately prepared for—right at a time when the cybersecurity skills gap is dangerously wide, and cybercriminals are more capable of exploiting vulnerabilities than ever before.

By Lior CohenJanuary 10, 2019

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IT Leaders Are Concerned About SD-WAN Security

For a security solution to meet the demands of an SD-WAN architecture, security needs to be part of your original SD-WAN planning so security can be thoroughly integrated into WAN functionality, as well as tie into and across other security tools to better detect and prevent today’s advanced threats.

By Nirav ShahDecember 20, 2018

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SD-WAN Security is Often Overlooked

Advanced security functionality needs to not only be part of your original SD-WAN conversation rather than an afterthought, but it must also be as thoroughly and natively integrated as possible to better detect and prevent today’s advanced threats.

By FortinetDecember 17, 2018

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Helping Exponential-e Navigate the Changing Threat Landscape

To meet the challenges of the constantly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, service providers require a robust and flexible infrastructure that enables them to adapt to new lines of attack.

By FortinetDecember 05, 2018

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Security Transformation: The Key to Successful Digital Transformation

As the drive towards digital transformation gathers momentum, this is an appropriate time for organizations to pause and reflect for a moment on their security strategies.

By Patrick GrilloOctober 31, 2018

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Fighting Network Silos

The problems created by old hub-and-spoke network architectures are happening again with the advent of the cloud. Following these strategies can avoid building a new set of silos.

By John MaddisonSeptember 05, 2018

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Key Cyber Trends Impacting State and Local Government and Education

As education and state and local governments become more tech focused, they are more susceptible to cyber risks. See what Fortinet's Jeff Jennings had to say about key security trends in the SLED space.

By FortinetAugust 30, 2018

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Cybercrime And Agile Development, Organizations Must Keep Pace

Agile software and application development add a layer of abstraction and complexity that cybercriminals have demonstrated to be more than willing and able to exploit.

By John MaddisonAugust 28, 2018

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Security Implications of Digital Transformation Report

Fortinet’s 2018 Security Implications of Digital Transformation Survey looks at the state of cybersecurity in organizations around the world from a lens of digital transformation and the implications going forward.

By FortinetJuly 26, 2018