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How DevOps Can Remain Agile While Strengthening Security

Learn how DevOps teams can remain agile while ensuring strong cybersecurity practices.

By Editorial Team August 07, 2020

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Protecting Today’s Networks with Dynamic Cloud Security

Fortinet’s Dynamic Cloud Security strategy enables organizations to develop dynamic cloud-based business infrastructures without compromising the protection of users, data and connected resources. Learn more.

By Lior Cohen February 18, 2020

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Leveraging Container Security to Accelerate DevOps

Explore the best practices for securing container environments and learn why DevOps teams need solutions designed for these environments.

By Fortinet February 12, 2020

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Defining Cloud Security Ownership with DevSecOps

Among the different parties involved – IT, lines of business, or the cloud provider – who’s responsible for the various aspects of cloud security? Learn how to reduce gray areas in the shared responsibility model.

By Fortinet November 26, 2019

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Key Findings from Fortinet’s 2019 State of DevOps Security Report

Learn more about the key findings from Fortinet's 2019 State of DevOps Security Report, including the need for security solutions that are scalable, agile, and automated, which do not impede the speeds at which DevOps teams need to operate.

By Fortinet July 24, 2019

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Leveraging Cloud APIs for Comprehensive Security

Find out how you can better leverage cloud APIs for comprehensive cloud security.

By Fortinet July 18, 2019

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Four Reasons for Investing in Your WAN Edge

As digital transformation continues to change how organizations do business, it is essential that all parts of the distributed network are aligned to take advantage of new digital business opportunities. Find out how upgrading WAN connections with Secure SD-WAN can protect your networks.

By John Maddison June 04, 2019

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Integrating Cloud-Native Security Across Multi-Cloud Networks

DevSecOps teams not only need to consider how they can take advantage of the cloud environment they have in place today, or how to build solutions with enough flexibility to take advantage of future platform functionalities, but to also consider a strategy that can seamlessly span across any number of platforms.

By Lior Cohen May 01, 2019

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Adapting Network Security for DevOps in Financial Services

The financial services sector is expected to continue to deliver new, customer-driven and business-critical capabilities as they continue their transition to a digital business model. For example, customers have come to expect to be able to access and make changes to their financial information online and through mobile web applications. Additionally, consumers now expect more customized services from banks and financial services firms, which means these financial institutions must collect and process data about their users to offer tailored products...

By Brian Forster September 07, 2017