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SD-WAN Security is Often Overlooked

Advanced security functionality needs to not only be part of your original SD-WAN conversation rather than an afterthought, but it must also be as thoroughly and natively integrated as possible to better detect and prevent today’s advanced threats.

By Fortinet December 17, 2018

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More Encrypted Traffic Than Ever

Over 72% of all network traffic is encrypted, and that figure is expected to grow. Very few security devices can inspect encrypted data without severely impacting network performance.

By John Maddison December 10, 2018

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FortiGate NGFW Consistently Delivers in NSS Lab’s 2018 DCSG Group Tests

As part of our ongoing commitment to the independent and fact-based testing and evaluation of FortiGate solutions, Fortinet participated in the 2018 DCSG and DCIPS group tests with FortiGate 6300F and FortiGate 3200D, both earning an NSS Labs “Recommended” rating for DCSG and DCIPS.

By Muhammad Abid November 08, 2018

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Why Network and Security Operations Centers Should be Doing More

In today’s complex ecosystem of hyperconnected digital networks, NOC-only or SOC-only techniques are insufficient.

By John Maddison July 03, 2018

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Two Options for Evolving Your IPS Solution

Every moment of every day an IPS system works to detect malicious content in network traffic to prevent attacks and exploits for organizations of all sizes. But as the digital infrastructure changes the traditional IPS market is being forced to evolve.

By Nat Smith June 13, 2018

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Convergence of IoT and Access Control Technology

Today, Fortinet completed the acquisition of Bradford Networks.

By Fortinet June 04, 2018

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Closing the Sandbox Generation Gap

Changing times call for evolved security. 7 reasons why next-generation sandboxing is a requisite.

By Damien Lim May 24, 2018

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Building an Adaptive and Secure SD-WAN Framework

SD-WAN experts and industry analysts point out that an optimal enterprise SD-WAN solution needs to not only support WAN performance requirements, but also address security priorities.

By Shalini Sundaram May 17, 2018


The Security Risks Presented by Complex Networks

Regardless of the industry, vertical, or market segment they compete in, your customers’ network architectures are becoming more distributed and complex. Where networks were once largely built around isolated data centers, they now connect with the cloud, applications, and various IoT devices. This trend promises to continue moving forward, with the number of connected devices in use expected to grow to 125 billion by 2030.

By Nirav Shah May 01, 2018

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Are Endpoints Integrated Into Your Network Security Strategy?

Endpoint security is the responsibility of far more than the endpoint or desktop IT team. In fact, it is required to be understood and leveraged by anyone who is responsible for the organization’s network security. These groups need better visibility, compliance, controls and response across the entire distributed network, including on and off network endpoints. More than simply protecting individual devices, a true endpoint security solution continually assesses and ensures the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of enterprise data, network resources, and information systems.

By John Maddison April 17, 2018