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Cybersecurity Skills Report: Data Shows What CISOs Look for In Security Architects

Fortinet’s recent study shows that CISOs are increasingly seeking to hire professionals with a mix of hard and soft skills. Learn how applicants and employers must adapt to meet modern security needs.

By Renee Tarun December 03, 2018

Industry Trends

Veterans Can Help Your Cyber Skills Gap

One of the most pressing concerns facing organizations today is the widening cybersecurity skills gap. One often overlooked pipeline that may help close the skills gap is servicemembers transitioning out of the military.

By Anthony Giandomenico November 12, 2018

Business and Technology

Bridging the Cybersecurity Skills Gap with the Fortinet Network Security Academy

Addressing today’s cybersecurity gap requires trained professionals equipped with knowledge and skills needed to defend against modern cyberattacks. In this effort, Fortinet has developed the Network Security Academy to educate future cybersecurity professionals.

By Jennifer Teeters July 20, 2018

Industry Trends

Byline: Companies Are Taking the Cyber Skills Gap Into Their Own Hands

Businesses are expanding investments in infrastructure security but struggling to source the increasingly rare talent needed to implement and operate their solutions. As an industry-leader, Fortinet believes it is our responsibility to foster the development and continuing education of cybersecurity talent and close the cybersecurity skills gap

By Scott Edwards March 07, 2017