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The Need for Fast and Accurate Threat Intelligence

For your customers, identifying and quickly securing against modern cyberthreats is paramount—especially as they adopt digital transformation strategies to better meet the needs of their consumers. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are also moving at an increasingly rapid pace by continually innovating and evolving to exploit new attack vectors.

By Jeannette Jarvis October 17, 2018

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The Evolving Threat Landscape - Looking at Our 2018 Predictions

Over the past several months, the FortiGuard Labs team has been tracking a number of evolving trends related to the FortiGuard 2018 Threat Landscape Predictions. This mid-year update provides new details concerning recent advances in some of the techniques and malware tied to those predictions.

By Derek Manky August 29, 2018

Threat Research

Copy-pasting Thief from a Copy-pasted Code

Recently, we noticed an unusual sample. It triggered our sensors because of the Japan encoding in one of its resources. Further analysis showed that it is not only targeting Japanese users, but any holder of Bitcoin assets.

By Evgeny Ananin and Artem Semenchenko July 19, 2018

Threat Research

How Much Malware Can You Stuff Into An Attack?

Last week, a new threat known as Mylobot was trending that included multiple evasions and a large number of separate malware variants blended into a single threat. Read more.

By FortiGuard SE Team June 27, 2018

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The Rise of Destructive Botnets

It is critical that every organization become aware of these emerging risks and begin to take appropriate countermeasures now. In the escalating cyberwar, enterprises need to be able to fight automation with automation.

By Anthony Giandomenico June 14, 2018

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Threat Information Sharing Goes Far Beyond Simply Protecting Businesses

As the digital and physical worlds become more interconnected, threat intelligence sharing is becoming an increasingly critical component of any security strategy.

By Derek Manky June 13, 2018

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New Threats, Old Threats - A Deeper Look

From cryptojacking to botnets to malware, cybercriminals keep evolving their attack methods to increase their success rates.

By Derek Manky June 06, 2018

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Security Services Bridge Gaps Caused by Fragmented Network Environments

If organizations want to get out ahead of the criminal community that wants to steal, hijack, or ransom that data, they will have to rethink their approach to security. Deploying effective security services help bridge the gap between traditionally isolated security devices.

By John Maddison May 29, 2018

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RSA 2018: Cutting Through The Noise

Building an effective security framework designed for your organization needs to start with three basic strategies. With these best practices in place, you should be able to quickly cut through the noise, avoid the “shiny new toy” syndrome, and quickly assess whether a particular solution is right for your organization right now.

By Jonathan Nguyen-Duy April 20, 2018

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The Darkweb and Tax Season

It seems like every season has an angle that hackers and scammers use to prey on unsuspecting individuals. We just managed to make it through the holiday season and now we are besieged with people trying to take advantage of us during tax season.

By Aamir Lakhani  April 09, 2018