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Unique Perspectives on the Threat landscape of Today’s Healthcare Networks

A recently released executive level report by Fortinet included a brief overview of key findings resulting from Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) running across a multitude of organizations nationwide for a period of four months.  The findings showed that the landscape of cyber threats were in constant motion and evolving quickly.  The rapid development of new malware, the exposure of software flaws, the onslaught of organized cybercrime, and the rising value of data are all contributing factors to the challenges...

By Ryan EdwardsMarch 29, 2016

Industry Trends

Cyber Threat Assessment: Threat Landscape Report

This week Fortinet released its latest Threat Landscape Report - a collection of threats, attacks, and data collected from live production environments of all sizes and types. As part of our Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP), enterprises and organizations were given the opportunity to place one of Fortinet’s high-performance FortiGate NGFW appliances inside their networks to see just how many threats and attacks attempt to (or successfully) gain purchase inside their infrastructure. Some key findings in the report include: unexpected...

By Richard HendersonFebruary 25, 2016