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Seeing and Addressing Insider Threats Across Your Distributed Network

The risk of insider threats is often bigger than we think, especially as networks become larger and more complex.

By Dr. Jamie GravesJanuary 29, 2019

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Recognizing and Preventing Modern Cyber Scams

As more and more devices are incorporated into a network, the risk of falling victim to modern cyber scams increases. Learn about the scams targeting your devices, as well as the indicators that can help you identify and avoid them.

By Ladi AdefalaOctober 15, 2018

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Cyber Hygiene Practices That Can Make a Difference

As work and home networks become more intertwined, everyone must be aware of the security hygiene best practices that will minimize risk, data leakage, and non-compliance. Get tips and best practices on how to practice good cyber hygiene, even at your remote workplace.

By Anthony GiandomenicoOctober 01, 2018

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Executive Insights: The Global Security Risks of a Post-Quantum World

For anyone tasked with securing critical infrastructure the arrival and power of quantum computing might be keeping them up at night.

By Michael XieJuly 06, 2018

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Ten Best Practices for Outsmarting Ransomware

Almost a year after WannaCry made global news headlines, a number of high-profile organizations have continued to be targeted by this ransomware, some quite recently. It's part of a growing trend that has the potential to impact large numbers of people, and with potentially devastating consequences.

By Derek MankyMay 31, 2018

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Looking Back to Look Ahead: Cyber Threat Trends to Watch

Organizations today face an unprecedented volume of increasingly sophisticated threats as they conduct online operations. As the potential attack surface expands and attack volumes increase, it is imperative to track the most popular and successful strategies of cybercriminals to stay ahead of their malicious intentions.

By Derek MankyApril 12, 2018

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Fortinet at the EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference

The EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference is coming up! Get a preview of the themes and events of this year’s conference, as well as what Fortinet will be there to discuss.

By Sowjanya O Neill April 05, 2018

Threat Research

Rise of One More Mirai Worm Variant

Not long after a new strain of the Akuma malware was discovered targeting ZyXEL devices with a new series of login/password attacks, FortiGuard Labs last week also began detecting strange scanning activities on uncommon TCP ports 52869 and 37215. We and other threat research teams quickly began to suspect that these were tied together, and that there was a new botnet out there.

By David MaciejakDecember 12, 2017


Securing Customers’ Physical and Virtual Networks with a SIEM Platform

To keep up with this threat landscape, your customers’ IT teams require security solutions that can provide real-time visibility into network activity and regulatory compliance, as well as automatically initiate a response to security events, to increase the overall efficiency of IT management teams. In order to effectively manage network security, compliance, and performance, your customers should consider implementing a SIEM (security information and event management) solution that features automation, scalability, and actionable intelligence

By Lief KoepselDecember 06, 2017

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Executive Insights: Stopping Threats Starts with Getting Back to the Basics

The majority of these breaches have one thing in common. IT teams are failing to practice basic security hygiene. Cybercriminals target known vulnerabilities because they know that most organizations will have failed to patch or replace their vulnerable devices. WannaCry targeted a vulnerability for which a patch had been available for months. Shame on them. But Petya followed a month later and targeted the exact same vulnerability. And millions of devices were still affected. So, shame on us.

By John MaddisonNovember 15, 2017