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Business and Technology

Secure SD-WAN Addresses Manufacturing and Services Organization's Security Challenges

Discover how this multinational manufacturing and services organization secures its entire infrastructure and ensures continued connectivity with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN.

By Nirav Shah August 06, 2020

Business and Technology

Automotive Company Selects Fortinet to Provide Robust Security and Connectivity

Learn how this automotive company leverages Fortinet’s Security Fabric platform and Secure SD-WAN solution to meet evolving business requirements and achieve their digital innovation goals.

By Nirav Shah July 30, 2020

Business and Technology

Education Organization Delivers High Performance Security with FortiGate NGFWs

Learn how this education organization chose to adopt FortiGate NGFWs to provide comprehensive threat protection for thousands of schools as they look to secure their multiple network locations.

By Muhammad Abid July 24, 2020