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How Partners Leveraging SECaaS and FortiCloud Provide Value to Customers

The expansion of FortiCloud provides partners with the opportunity to offer customers best-of-breed SaaS solutions. Learn more.

By FortinetFebruary 19, 2020

Business and Technology

Fortinet Breaks Ground on New Energy Efficient Headquarters Facility

Fortinet broke ground on its forthcoming new home in Sunnyvale, California where it is expanding its corporate headquarters.

By FortinetJuly 19, 2019

Industry Trends

The Critical Role of Independent Third-Party Testing

Learn more about how third-party testing not only keeps security vendors honest and encourages safety, but also drives innovation and improvements to cybersecurity products and solutions.

By FortinetJune 12, 2019

Industry Trends

Critical Strategies for Staying Ahead of Emerging Cyberthreats

Organizations must make radical changes in order to fill security gaps that are becoming increasingly more common as networks become more complex. Learn more about the vital strategies that can help you stay ahead of cyberthreats.

By John MaddisonJune 03, 2019

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Tapping Veterans’ Unique Skillset to Fill the Cybersecurity Talent Pool

Learn more about how veterans can help solve the cyber skills gap.

By John MaddisonMay 24, 2019

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Have New Privacy Laws Like GDPR Changed How We Secure Data?

Data privacy laws and similar compliance regulations help organizations to raise their standards, engage in real conversations about security, and make difficult financial decisions. Learn more about how GDPR is changing the way organizations secure data.

By FortinetMay 23, 2019

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Enabling Breach Prevention with the FortiGuard Security Rating Service

Ensuring effective breach prevention requires organizations to review their security posture before making necessary changes. Learn how the FortiGuard Security Rating Service enables this critical level of insight.

By Jeannette JarvisMay 22, 2019

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Key Findings on the State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity

Hear about key findings from our State of Operational Technology and Cybersecurity Report, learn more about the types of threats facing operational technology, and discover how OT teams can mitigate them.

By FortinetApril 24, 2019

Business and Technology

Preparing for the Cy-Phy Future

We are entering the era of Cy-Phy — the convergence of cyber space with a plethora of devices and data in our physical spaces. Organizations need to start preparing today by developing security strategies designed around the principles of speed, integration, adaptability, and automation.

By FortinetApril 18, 2019

Partners | Business and Technology

Securing The Distributed Enterprise Requires an Open Security Ecosystem

A security architecture built around a framework of open standards not only ensures interoperability, but also increases performance.

By John MaddisonApril 09, 2019