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Using Security Services to Help Customers Strengthen Network Defenses

Learn how partners can ensure that their customers are protected, regardless of how complex their network environments may be, by providing security services.

By FortinetMay 20, 2020


Providing Improved Security Posture for Your Customers

Effective cybersecurity relies on active threat and vulnerability awareness. Partners can help provide that awareness using a comprehensive cyber threat assessment program.

By Neil MatzDecember 05, 2018


What Your Customers Need from Today’s NAC Solutions

Customers need a unified view into every IoT device on the network to secure against the threats brought on by the adoption of IoT, combined with the ability to detect and act on threats.

By Jon BoveNovember 13, 2018


Security, Multi-cloud, and SMBs

While data shows that security is a top priority for most SMBs, many do not fully understand the policies, solutions, and IT team resources required to secure the cloud.

By Jon BoveOctober 24, 2018


Security Services Enable Partners to Help Plug the Holes in Customer Networks

Today's attacks are designed to exploit vulnerabilities and dive deep into the network without leaving a trace. This enables lateral movement, in which bad actors search for resources to take over or data to exploit, all without detection.

By Jon BoveSeptember 13, 2018


Helping Facilitate Partner Success with NSE 8 Certification

The modern threat landscape is complex. Today, customers require equally complex security solutions to maintain an effective security posture. By completing Fortinet’s NSE 8 certification, partners can master the techniques and solutions needed to combat today’s more advanced threats.

By Scott EdwardsJuly 11, 2018


How Partners Can Mitigate Cyber Risk for SMB Customers

SMBs are increasing their use of technology to remain competitive, which is simultaneously increasing their potential attack surface. Learn why SMBs are a target for cyberattacks and how Fortinet partners can help mitigate these risks with integrated security solutions.

By Lief KoepselJune 27, 2018

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Fortinet Federal Holds First Federal Partner Forum

A little less than a year ago, Fortinet launched a new subsidiary, Fortinet Federal, Inc., in order to better provide critical cyber solutions and professional services to the public sector. This past week, the Fortinet Federal team held its first Federal Partner Forum in Reston, VA to discuss how to successfully address the growing cybersecurity challenges being faced by Federal agencies. The Partner Forum was designed to help organizations better understand the Federal marketplace, navigate the complexities of Federal procurement programs, and identify Federal IT and cybersecurity challenges and budget priorities.

By Shelly ScarpelliMay 03, 2018

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Provide Customers with Advanced Threat Defense Against Email-Based Attacks

Cybercriminals use email to trick users into providing login credentials or initiating fraudulent transactions, as well as to unknowingly install malware, ransomware, and other malicious payloads. These are some of the top email-based cyberattacks that your customers need be aware of.

By David FingerApril 26, 2018


Addressing Three Major Pain Points of the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

The cybersecurity skills shortage is an issue impacting all industries. As cyberattacks become more frequent and sophisticated, organizations all over the world are struggling to outfit their teams with personnel that are armed with essential cybersecurity backgrounds and technical security skills, in addition to broader IT know-how.

By Jon BoveJanuary 03, 2018