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Fortinet to Attend Black Hat 2019 in Las Vegas

As a Platinum Plus Sponsor, Fortinet is proud to be attending Black Hat USA, now in its 22nd year. Join our team of experts and learn how to stay secure amid the changing threat landscape.

By FortinetJuly 29, 2019

Business and Technology

Tool Showcase at Black Hat USA 2018 - FortiAppMonitor

Fortinet researcher Kai Lu will present and showcase an application behavior monitoring tool for researchers named FortiAppMonitor for macOS.

By FortinetAugust 06, 2018

Business and Technology

Join Fortinet at Black Hat USA 2018 in Las Vegas

Fortinet is proudly attending the 22nd annual Black Hat USA Information Security Event as a Platinum Plus Sponsor.

By FortinetJuly 30, 2018

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Zero Day Risks and the Return of Hacking Team

There are basically two kinds of threats organizations and users face today: the ones that security vendors and threat researchers know about, and those they don’t. The ones we know about get vendor patches, signatures are updated across a variety of security tools in order to detect them, and behaviors are documented in order to detect and disrupt the more sophisticated ones. People who are affected by these sorts of attacks usually either don’t have the right security tools deployed in the right places, or they aren’t practicing adequate cyber hygiene.

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Black Hat US 2016 Wraps Up

Black Hat US 2016 Wraps Up     Once again, Black Hat US 2016 was held in Las Vegas in the huge Mandalay Bay resort conference center. This is the biggest Black Hat event of the year, and for sure the largest computer security conference as well. In fact, this year it broke its attendance record as its largest USA show in Black Hat’s 19-year history. To give you a better picture, we are talking about more than 15,000 of the most security savvy professionals gathering from all over the world. I spent some time wandering...

By David MaciejakAugust 16, 2016

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Defending the Hacker Ethic At Black Hat 2015

This year’s Black Hat keynote speaker, Jennifer Granick, gave her talk to applause yesterday rather than the boos and/or skepticism that have greeted other recent speakers. In a nutshell, she delivered a powerful call to action to preserve the hacker ethic, keep the Internet open, and make way for innovation and the hands-on exploration she called tinkering.  At the same time, she was clear that security is critical to this openness and to building safe places that respect and protect our privacy. It was a great message and interesting...

By Chris DawsonAugust 06, 2015