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Driving Security Transformation at James Cook University

When Australia’s James Cook University needed to consider its perimeter security, it began with a thorough review of its own systems and requirements across multiple campus locations.

By FortinetNovember 12, 2018

Business and Technology

Is Wireless Technology Secure?

While we all take wireless access for granted, are we aware of the security risks when using it?

By FortinetJuly 11, 2018

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FAQ: Australian Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

Your Frequently Asked Questions about the NDB in Australia.

By Tracey RobertMarch 29, 2018

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The People Behind Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity protection is growing at an exponential rate to match the evolution of the digital business environment. Much of this development is being driven by security pioneers and innovators like Dr. Krutartha Patel (Ph.D), a Solutions Architect at Fortinet Australia, who works tirelessly to keep businesses like yours safe from the latest threats.

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The Essential 8: ASD’s strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents

The Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) ‘Essential 8’ strategies to mitigate cyber security incidents represent a set of cyber security best practices that, when implemented successfully, will provide your agency with a baseline cyber security posture. The Essential 8 expand upon the ‘Top 4’ mitigation strategies, part of the government’s Protective Security Policy Framework, which have been mandatory for federal agencies since 2014. ASD has stated that implementing the Top 4 mitigation strategies will...

By Katrina FoxMarch 27, 2017

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Improving Australia’s Cybersecurity Through Integration and Automation

How do government agencies protect their networks and data from cyber attacks in the face of the growing cyber skills shortage? Integration and automation are the keys.

By Katrina FoxMarch 05, 2017

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Cloud is the New Normal: The Challenge of Securing Workloads in the Cloud – Are You Ready?

Microsoft Ignite – Australia – Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition February 14-17th Is cloud the new normal for your enterprise? Are you moving more and more applications into the cloud? Have you asked yourself how you are securing your data in this new world of cloud? Scalability and flexibility are the key drivers of Cloud networking and computing. With more and more business transitioning to public cloud environments, the cloud is becoming an increasingly attractive target for hackers...

By Katrina FoxFebruary 07, 2017

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Should the Government Regulate Cybersecurity?

It has been famously said that, “the wheels of justice turn slowly.” That’s partly because the process most governments use when creating regulations and laws encourages debate, the careful examination of all sides of an issue, and the development of bartered consensus between groups with differing needs and opinions. In the modern era, this model has been very successful at promoting economic success while balancing personal freedom with social accountability. This model is less effective, however, when it comes to regulating...

By FortinetMay 10, 2016

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Meeting Australian Federal Security Mandates with Fortinet – ACSC Canberra 12-14 April 2016

In February 2016, a group of hackers from Russia took control of a Victorian high school’s phone system to unleash a flurry of bomb threats across schools in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, causing major disruptions, but ultimately, no injury. But Australian government and business officials are worried about what could happen from a cyber security attack with more sinister goals. This attack from the “Evacuation Squad” has demonstrated vulnerabilities in Australian cyber security, and businesses and government organisations...

By FortinetApril 10, 2016