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Benchmarking Performance with the Security Compute Rating

To highlight the difference that purpose-built processors can provide, Fortinet developed the Security Compute Rating benchmark. Read to learn more about performance advantages for networking and security capabilities.

By Nirav ShahMay 27, 2020

Industry Trends

Introducing the World’s Fastest and Most Secure Distributed Enterprise Firewall

                            Distributed enterprises are undergoing a dramatic change, driven by the adoption of mobility, direct Internet access, public cloud applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This has resulted in an exponential increase in devices, users, bandwidth, and transactions flooding their networks through the cloud applications. At the same time, the...

By Nirav ShahJuly 26, 2016

Industry Trends

Innovation Insights: Why Content Processing Matters

Fortinet just announced the new tightly integrated Security Fabric, and the ninth generation of their content security processing ASIC, the CP9. The environment that spurs this sort of unprecedented innovation is focused on the following driving factors: Anticipating the network, data, and user trends that demand more sophisticated threat protection, including cloud and virtualization, IoT, and the expanding attack surface. Closely monitoring attack vectors and threat actors in order to continually close the gap between threat and response. Providing...

By Bill McGeeApril 25, 2016