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Cyber and Physical Convergence is Creating New Attack Opportunities for Cybercriminals

The latest Fortinet Threat Landscape Report reveals that cybercriminals are constantly evolving the sophistication of their attacks—from continuing to exploit the vast insecurity of IoT devices, to morphing open source malware tools into new threats.

By FortiGuard SE Team February 20, 2019

Threat Research

Analysis of a Fresh Variant of the Emotet Malware

Recently, FortiGuard Labs captured a fresh variant of the Emotet malware. This time, it’s embedded in a Microsoft Word document. We did a quick analysis on it, and in this blog we show how it works on a victim’s machine.

By Xiaopeng Zhang February 18, 2019


Potential Security Risks for Your Customers

As partners provide guidance to their customers on the strategies and tools to better secure their networks, that guidance should be informed by these most recent findings. Specifically, partners should ensure their customers are adjusting security strategies for success as they act on the following infrastructure trends.

By Jon Bove January 24, 2019

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Fighting the Evolution of Malware

Malware is becoming increasingly destructive. This blog is a short history of this trend, along with steps organizations can take to combat it.

By Anthony Giandomenico January 14, 2019

Threat Research

Fake Tsunami Alert Brings Malware to Japan

In November, FortiGuard Labs uncovered a spam campaign that included a tsunami alert for Japanese citizens. In this article, we analyze the malware downloaded from the fake JMA website and research another campaign by the same actor.

By Yueh-Ting Chen and Evgeny Ananin December 19, 2018

Threat Research

New Loki Variant Being Spread By Phishing Email

After a quick analysis of a new phishing email, FortiGuard Labs found that it was spreading a new variant of the Loki malware. In this blog we walk through what it does.

By Xiaopeng Zhang November 15, 2018

Threat Research

Deep Analysis of TrickBot New Module pwgrab

FortiGuard Labs found a new TrickBot variant, with a new module pwgrab, which attempts to steal credentials, autofill data, history and so on. We did a deep analysis on this pwgrab module to explain how it works on a victim’s system.

By Xiaopeng Zhang November 08, 2018

Industry Trends

The Evolving Threat Landscape - Looking at Our 2018 Predictions

Over the past several months, the FortiGuard Labs team has been tracking a number of evolving trends related to the FortiGuard 2018 Threat Landscape Predictions. This mid-year update provides new details concerning recent advances in some of the techniques and malware tied to those predictions.

By Derek Manky August 29, 2018

Threat Research

Critical SamSam Ransomware Update

An overview of how to defend your organization from SamSam and other ransomware.

By FortiGuard SE Team July 31, 2018

Threat Research

Malvertising, Input Validation, and New IoT Botnet Variants

What do malvertising, input validation, and new IoT botnet variants have in common? Well, they’re all part of our Weekly Threat Intelligence Brief.

By Anthony Giandomenico July 27, 2018