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Is Wireless Technology Secure?

While we all take wireless access for granted, are we aware of the security risks when using it?

By FortinetJuly 11, 2018

Business and Technology

Three Options for Managing Secure Wireless Access

When searching for a wireless access infrastructure solution, network leaders should look for the following key attributes.

By Chris HinszJune 22, 2018

Industry Trends

Wi-Fi, IoT, and BYOD: Securing Complex Environments

The lack of control you have over your “edge” network makes your entire network vulnerable. This is why an integrated and cohesive approach to cybersecurity is critical to defend these new headless and BYOD device environments. And the reality is that if you really want security at the wireless access portion of your network, you need a topology that extends network security all the way to the endpoint device.

By Chris Hinsz May 01, 2018

Industry Trends

Innovation Insights: Filling IoT Connectivity and Security Gaps

We’ve all heard about the growing proliferation of IoT devices. They are a critical component of the new digital economy, collecting and sharing information about a myriad of things - from smart appliances, irrigation systems, and shipping containers, to wireless energy meters, and mobile healthcare devices. The information they collect allows for more efficient inventory and manufacturing management, and can be mined for competitive advantages for everything like knowing that you need to immediately produce more green, left-handed widgets,...

By John MaddisonAugust 29, 2016