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Using AI to Level the Cyber Playing Field

Learn about the evolution of AI and how cybersecurity professionals can leverage AI to gain the upper hand on cybercriminals.

By Derek MankyJanuary 01, 2020

Threat Research

FortiGuard Labs Weekly Threat Update – November 22, 2019

Learn about the cyber threats uncovered during the week of November 22, 2019.

By Jeannette Jarvis November 22, 2019

Industry Trends

Threat Landscape Trends in Education

Learn how educational institutions can leverage threat intelligence to protect students and faculty against the latest threat landscape trends.

By Anthony GiandomenicoNovember 21, 2019

Industry Trends | Threat Research

New Security Predictions for 2020

Learn more about how to prepare for future cyberattacks by exploring upcoming threat landscape predictions for 2020.

By Derek MankyNovember 20, 2019

Business and Technology

Fortinet to Attend Black Hat 2019 in Las Vegas

As a Platinum Plus Sponsor, Fortinet is proud to be attending Black Hat USA, now in its 22nd year. Join our team of experts and learn how to stay secure amid the changing threat landscape.

By FortinetJuly 29, 2019

Business and Technology

TLS 1.3: What This Means For You

TLS 1.3 was released last summer, and it has some important ramifications for securing your critical data.

By Alex Samonte March 15, 2019

Threat Research

CTA Adversary Playbook: Goblin Panda

The FortiGuard SE Team has released a new adversary playbook on the threat actor group known as Goblin Panda as part of its role in the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA).

By FortiGuard SE TeamNovember 01, 2018

Threat Research

Threat Landscape Report: Virtually No Firm is Immune from Severe Exploits

Highlights from the latest Fortinet Threat Landscape Report, a valuable resource for any organization looking to stay ahead of today’s latest threat challenges.

By FortiGuard SE TeamAugust 13, 2018

Threat Research

VenusLocker Delivering Rotten Easter Eggs in South Korea

Over this past Easter weekend, FortiGuard Labs came across a new malicious spam campaign specifically targeting South Korea. What made this campaign unique from others is that it is the first GandCrab 2.0 malspam ransomware campaign that we’ve seen in South Korea targeting organizations in the financial sector. It appears to be originating from the VenusLocker group, which we highlighted in December of last year when we documented that they had switched their game plan from ransomware to cryptocurrency mining. Well, it appears that the VenusLocker group is back in the ransomware game, this time with GandCrab.

By Val SaengphaibulApril 04, 2018

SamSam and WannaCry: Part of a Larger Security Challenge

Unless you’ve been entirely off the grid, you have probably heard that a number of high-profile organizations have recently been targeted by ransomware. It’s part of a growing trend that has the potential to impact large numbers of people, with potentially devastating consequences.

By FortiGuard SE TeamMarch 29, 2018