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The Need for Threat Intelligence in SMB Cybersecurity

For some time now, SMBs have assumed cybercriminals won’t consider them a viable target due to their size. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. SMBs still provide plenty of incentive to entice cybercriminals to target their networks, thanks to the unique security challenges they face.

By Jon BoveMarch 13, 2019


Grow Your Business by Reducing Complexity for SMB Customers

SMB organizations are looking for partners who can assist in streamlining security processes. Learn how Fortinet partners can add value for their customers while growing their own business.

By Jon BoveJanuary 09, 2019


Security, Multi-cloud, and SMBs

While data shows that security is a top priority for most SMBs, many do not fully understand the policies, solutions, and IT team resources required to secure the cloud.

By Jon BoveOctober 24, 2018


How Partners Can Mitigate Cyber Risk for SMB Customers

SMBs are increasing their use of technology to remain competitive, which is simultaneously increasing their potential attack surface. Learn why SMBs are a target for cyberattacks and how Fortinet partners can help mitigate these risks with integrated security solutions.

By Lief KoepselJune 27, 2018

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The People Behind Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity protection is growing at an exponential rate to match the evolution of the digital business environment. Much of this development is being driven by security pioneers and innovators like Dr. Krutartha Patel (Ph.D), a Solutions Architect at Fortinet Australia, who works tirelessly to keep businesses like yours safe from the latest threats.

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How Can SMB Practices Improve Healthcare Cybersecurity?

The healthcare sector has been under increasing attack from cybercriminals with a variety of tactics and motivations. In fact, cyberattacks targeting healthcare providers increased 63 percent in 2016. The increased attention cybercriminals are giving the healthcare space is not surprising. The protected health information and other personally identifiable information (PII) that healthcare practices store about their patients is exactly the type of data that is easily monetized. Once cybercriminals breach healthcare networks and exfiltrate patient...

By Susan BiddleSeptember 15, 2017

Threat Research

A wrap up of HITCON 2017

The 13th annual Hacks In Taiwan Conference (HITCON) took place August 25th and 26th at Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s national academy located in Taipei. Elite cyber security researchers from across the world gather at this annual conference to share their research and exchange ideas about the global threat landscape. Approximately 1000 people registered for the conference and, according to one of the HITCON crewmembers we met, one third of the attendees were undergraduates and fresh graduates. This is a good sign, given...

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Closing The Gap On Mobile Security For SMBs

Not surprisingly, mobile security ranks among the top challenges IT faces when it comes to protecting small and mid-sized businesses. What is surprising, however, is that only 16% of SMBs worldwide responding to a recent Techaisle survey say they’re prepared to deal with mobile security challenges. For some small businesses, this is constraining mobile adoption; for others, it's creating concerning security gaps. However, it also creates an opportunity for channel partners to step in and become trusted advisors. Right now, many MSPs...

By Esther SheinSeptember 24, 2015