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How to Support Healthy Communities During National Health IT Week 2019

During the National Health IT Week 2019, members of the health and security space will focus on supporting healthy communities. Learn how IT can help transform healthcare.

By FortinetSeptember 17, 2019

Business and Technology

National Health IT Week: Enabling Digital Transformation with Integrated Network Security

Over the past ten years, technology has transformed healthcare substantially. From electronic health records that simplify the collection and sharing of patient information, to digital consultation and other services provided remotely, to wearable connected medical devices, healthcare is becoming more accessible, accurate, and patient-focused. National Health IT (NHIT) Week, which will take place from October 2nd- 6th, is a collaborative and partner-driven event that aims to increase awareness of the many ways new health IT initiatives stand...

By Susan BiddleOctober 02, 2017