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5 Must-Haves for Effectively Securing Azure

Learn more about how Fortinet's cloud security solutions for Microsoft Azure offer a broad set of tools to protect against advanced threats, the ability to integrate cloud controls with on-premises security solutions, and seamless integration and functionality.

By Frederick HarrisJune 11, 2019

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Four Essential Cloud Security Concepts

Security is a critical component of any cloud environment—especially as cybercriminals look to exploit the rapidly expanding attack surface. But to be effective, it needs to be as agile and dynamic as the cloud infrastructure being protected. Learn more.

By John MaddisonJune 03, 2019

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Integrating Cloud-Native Security Across Multi-Cloud Networks

DevSecOps teams not only need to consider how they can take advantage of the cloud environment they have in place today, or how to build solutions with enough flexibility to take advantage of future platform functionalities, but to also consider a strategy that can seamlessly span across any number of platforms.

By Lior CohenMay 01, 2019

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New SD-WAN ASIC Changes the Playing Field

Organizations need a true SD-WAN solution designed to meet all of the demands of the new Wan Edge. The FortiGate 100F combines best-of-breed SD-WAN and security capabilities, powered by a purpose-built ASIC, to deliver a full SD-WAN solution designed for today’s WAN Edge.

By Nirav ShahApril 09, 2019

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Redefining the Cloud and Cloud Security

While the business advantages of the cloud are significant, rapid migration is also introducing complexities and risks that few organizations have adequately prepared for—right at a time when the cybersecurity skills gap is dangerously wide, and cybercriminals are more capable of exploiting vulnerabilities than ever before.

By Lior CohenJanuary 10, 2019

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Three Key Strategies for Securing Digital Business

The question businesses and governments are grappling with today is, how can they capitalize on the opportunity of the digital economy while managing associated risks? 

By FortinetJanuary 01, 2019

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Securing Today’s Increasingly Complex Multi-cloud Environments

Securing today’s increasingly complex cloud environments is about much more than simply having a security platform available on a particular infrastructure.

By Lior CohenDecember 27, 2018

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Fortinet and Symantec Join Forces to Help Organizations Move their Security to the Cloud

Bringing two global industry leaders together to provide enterprise-class capabilities across cloud, network, and endpoint security is a remarkable event and reflects a deep commitment to the security of our mutual customers.

By John MaddisonDecember 11, 2018

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Cloud-Native and Hybrid Cloud Organizations Need Security Best Practices

The future of IT is multi-cloud and hybrid. Following are some best practices to help secure this future.

By Lior CohenNovember 26, 2018


Security, Multi-cloud, and SMBs

While data shows that security is a top priority for most SMBs, many do not fully understand the policies, solutions, and IT team resources required to secure the cloud.

By Jon BoveOctober 24, 2018