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Threat Research

Android Malware Targets Diabetic Patients

Read FortiGuard Labs' analysis of a recent android malware targeting diabetic patients.

By Axelle Apvrille January 31, 2020

Threat Research

FortiGuard Labs Weekly Threat Update – November 1, 2019

Learn about the cyber threats uncovered during the week of November 1, 2019.

By Jeannette Jarvis November 01, 2019

Industry Trends

Educating Employees About Mobile Cyber Threats

Learn about the five critical elements organizations must include in any employee cybersecurity awareness training to protect their networks from mobile cyber threats.

By Aamir LakhaniOctober 28, 2019

Industry Trends

Securing the New Network Edge

A single, holistic security strategy comprised of interconnected solutions provides a comprehensive approach that is not only manageable and cost effective, but also fluid enough to adapt as networks undergo constant change.

By FortinetApril 18, 2019

Industry Trends

5G Implications for Security

Fabric-enabled security platforms not only provide the comprehensive visibility, protection, detection and automated response 5G networks require, they also enable organizations to weave their 5G security strategy back into their larger security framework.

By John MaddisonMarch 18, 2019

Industry Trends

Prepare Now for 5G Security Transformation

Supporting 5G’s new services and business opportunities will require organizations to reshape many of the traditional relationships between networks, local and mobile computing resources, and end users. These changes will have a tremendous impact on cybersecurity.

By FortinetFebruary 26, 2019

Business and Technology

Fortinet Secures the Path to 5G

Fortinet has just announced its portfolio support for the Mobile Service Provider transformation to a 5G core network. Fortinet has a growing family of advanced security solutions not only designed for, but fully integrated together to protect today’s evolving networks and virtual infrastructures.

By John MaddisonFebruary 19, 2019

Partners | Business and Technology

Fortinet at Mobile World Congress 2019

When the world’s largest Communication Service Provider (CSP) event—Mobile World Congress 2019—convenes in Barcelona, Fortinet will be front and center.

By FortinetFebruary 01, 2019

Industry Trends

Cybercriminals and the Holidays

Cybercriminals are determined and informed on the latest trends and how to exploit them. Which is why we need to take the time to educate ourselves - and our friends and family – about shopping carefully so we can have a happy, and safe Holiday season.

By Aamir LakhaniNovember 19, 2018

Industry Trends

The Risks Mobile Payments Present to Financial Services

Consumers are rapidly adopting mobile payments and are expecting banks and financial services firms to ensure their security. As a result, financial services organizations must increase their ability to leverage security features deployed across distributed environments to keep pace with modern, automated cyberattacks.

By Jonathan Nguyen-DuyJuly 05, 2018