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Preparing for the Cy-Phy Future

We are entering the era of Cy-Phy — the convergence of cyber space with a plethora of devices and data in our physical spaces. Organizations need to start preparing today by developing security strategies designed around the principles of speed, integration, adaptability, and automation.

By FortinetApril 18, 2019

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5G Implications for Security

Fabric-enabled security platforms not only provide the comprehensive visibility, protection, detection and automated response 5G networks require, they also enable organizations to weave their 5G security strategy back into their larger security framework.

By John MaddisonMarch 18, 2019

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Leveraging UEBA to Address Insider Threats

UEBA is a critical tool that can help unify the detection of and response to insider threats, helping close the gap on one of the most serious—and most often overlooked—threats to your business.

By John MaddisonMarch 06, 2019


An Approach for Securing Advanced Threats for Your Customers

As organizations continue to further their digital transformations, cybercriminals have been quick to shift their capabilities and strategies to take advantage of emerging gaps in device visibility and control. This past quarter we documented advanced attack capabilities and trends designed to capitalize on poor device security. Knowing this, customers must update their network architectures to adopt a learn, segment and protect approach to their device security.

By Jon BoveJanuary 30, 2019

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Fortinet To Share Expert Healthcare Insights During Sessions at HIMSS19

Fortinet has successfully worked with a growing number healthcare organizations to help them overcome the modern security challenges plaguing the industry. Learn more about our efforts, and the Fortinet sessions you can attend at HIMSS19.

By FortinetJanuary 25, 2019

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What Are the Security Implications for 5G and IoT?

5G networks are about more than fast speeds and reliable connections. When combined with IoT devices, the impact of 5G will be transformational. Explore the following security implications and scenarios that organizations should become aware of as 5G approaches.

By Jonathan Nguyen-DuyJanuary 16, 2019

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Watching Out For IoT and Mobile Threats During the Holidays

In addition to remaining vigilant for new threats and vulnerabilities, don’t lose sight of what’s happening within your own environment. Basic cyber hygiene is perhaps the most neglected element of security today.

By Anthony GiandomenicoDecember 25, 2018

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The Shifting AI-Driven Threat Landscape

As the modern threat landscape continues to expand, adding artificial intelligence (AI) to a security strategy has become paramount to establishing and maintaining an effective security posture.

By Aamir LakhaniDecember 11, 2018


What Your Customers Need from Today’s NAC Solutions

Customers need a unified view into every IoT device on the network to secure against the threats brought on by the adoption of IoT, combined with the ability to detect and act on threats.

By Jon BoveNovember 13, 2018

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Driving Security Transformation at James Cook University

When Australia’s James Cook University needed to consider its perimeter security, it began with a thorough review of its own systems and requirements across multiple campus locations.

By FortinetNovember 12, 2018