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Secure Technical Advancement in Research and Education: Fortinet at the Internet2 Global Summit

Fortinet is proud to be attending the Internet2 Global Summit as a Platinum Sponsor. Learn about today’s expansive attack surface, key threat trends, and essential security technology in R&E networks.

By FortinetMarch 01, 2019

Business and Technology

Join Fortinet and Other Industry Experts at the 2018 Internet2 Global Summit

Fortinet and other industry leaders from around the world are attending the Internet2 Global Summit, a leading forum supporting the drive and advancement of research and education.

By Sowjanya O Neill May 02, 2018

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Internet2: A Collaborative Power That Needs to be Secured

For what started as a research network that was largely owned and operated by top universities, the Internet as we know it today has become much more. In 1969, ARPANET carried the first data packets between two separate nodes. During its genesis, ARPANET included the University of California, Los Angeles and the Stanford Research Institute before adding the University of Utah and University of California, Santa Barbara. What began as a 4-node network in 1969 had swelled to include 213 hosts by 1981. From there, it took off.  The Internet’s...

By Susan BiddleMay 19, 2017