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Fortinet at Infosec Europe 2018

Infosec Europe 2018 is being held June 5-7, 2018 at the Olympia exhibition hall in London, where Fortinet is proud to once again be exhibiting.

By FortinetMay 31, 2018

Threat Research

T2’17 InfoSec Conference in snowy Helsinki

The T2 2017 conference took place on October 26 and 27, 2017 at the Radisson Blu seaside hotel in Helsinki, Finland. As in every edition, a CTF (Capture The Flag) competition is organized prior the conference, with the winner receiving a free ticket. This year, a private bug bounty was held by LähiTapiola, a well-known insurance company in Finland, under the supervision of T2 organizers through the HackerOne platform. As there were zero submissions, it was decided to reward Harri Kuosmanen, who was the LähiTapiola HackDay CTF winner. The...

By Francois RopertNovember 06, 2017

Industry Trends

Industries Perspective: Financial Services, Looking Ahead For Cybersecurity

Businesses today face an ever-evolving threatscape with growing pressure to rethink security strategies for long-term sustainability. As a result, corporate finance teams are more actively partnering with IT to ensure the organization’s security strategies protect critical financial data. Fortinet’s Araldo Menegon discusses the issues and trends affecting corporate finance teams today. Q&A with Araldo Menegon, Global Managing Director Financial Services at Fortinet Isn’t security managed by corporate IT? Why do finance...

By Darlene GannonJune 22, 2016

Industry Trends

Turning Network Security Inside Out

Over the years, network security solutions and deployment has been built on the assumption that threats originate outside the enterprise network – trust was put in the internal network, while security was mostly deployed at the perimeter to provide protection from the outside threats and hackers. While security infrastructure has evolved to reflect the evolution of threats and technology, its deployment remained focus around the perimeter. However, breach analysis information shows that a significant number of threats have been entirely overlo

By Ronen ShpirerJune 06, 2016

Threat Research

A New Variant of Locky Leaking Out

Locky, the professional grade ransomware has been causing headaches and damages to victim’s wallet for quite sometime. It uses the document-based macros for ransomware distribution, encrypts files on the victims’ computers with an additional‘.locky’ as extension which is what the ransomware is named after. Locky is professionally written, massively spread, costly if infected, most importantly it is evolving. It has been stable for the past year with no major version upgrade until recently. Our VEX system captured a new variant...

By Donna WangMay 04, 2016