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Addressing the Global Cybersecurity Skills Gap Challenge

Learn more about how Fortinet is committed to collaborating with global leaders from private and public sectors to respond to the global cyber skills gap and cybersecurity threats.

By FortinetMay 07, 2019

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Fortinet Hosts Second Annual Federal Partner Forum

Fortinet is hosting its second annual Federal Partner Forum. Learn about the key themes Fortinet leaders will be discussing with our federal partner community.

By FortinetMay 07, 2019

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Fortinet to Serve as a Founding Partner of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity

The Centre for Cybersecurity today announced that Accenture, Fortinet, and Sberbank will serve as the Founding Partners of the Centre, holding permanent seats on the board.

By FortinetNovember 27, 2018

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5 Security Priorities for Government Agencies as TIC 3.0 is Announced

TIC 3.0 aims to address the very real change that cloud use has brought to government networks. Learn the five priority areas that government agencies must focus on to ensure security in the age of the cloud.

By Felix A. De La Torre, Jr.October 29, 2018

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Best Practices for Defeating Automated Attacks

A system of integrated, orchestrated security solutions enables organizations to fight automation with automation, using cybercriminals’ own tactics to turn the tables on them and shorten the time to detection so that forensic analysis can begin immediately and the security lifecycle can be strengthened.

By Bob FortnaJuly 27, 2018

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Together, Fortinet and AWS Secure the Government

Fortinet’s Security Fabric cloud solutions are available to AWS enterprise, service provider, and public sector customers, providing comprehensive security, threat intelligence, and visibility to detect, isolate, and respond to threats in real time.

By FortinetJune 19, 2018

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Securing the Network: What Three Key Verticals Require

Perhaps the most neglected element of security is simply network and device hygiene. While new, innovative threats continue to pop up on almost daily, our latest Global Threat Landscape Report reveals that long known and yet still unpatched vulnerabilities continue to serve as the primary gateway for attacks, with organizations reporting an average of 274 attacks per firm – a 82% increase over the previous quarter. This alarming trend emphasizes that while remaining vigilant for new threats and vulnerabilities in the wild is critical, organizations also need to stay focused on what is happening within their own environment.

By Derek MankyFebruary 22, 2018

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Multi-risks in the Multi-cloud: An Industry Perspective

Even if the enterprise security team has a handle on its individual clouds, multiple secure clouds are not the same thing as a secure multi-cloud. This requires a single secure enterprise network that spans the data center (physical or software defined) and all the private and public clouds to which an organization subscribes.

By John MaddisonFebruary 07, 2018

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Cloud Migration a Challenge to Many

The number one challenge identified by Federal agencies in migrating to the cloud is expanding security measures and policies to cover cloud environments. To date, confidence is hard to find. Only 35% of Federal IT leaders believe that the security of their existing private cloud environments is excellent, and this drops to 21% for public cloud. They have similar concerns for the security of data that has to move between physical and virtual environments.

By Phil QuadeOctober 24, 2017

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CIPA Compliance and Cybersecurity: You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Cybersecurity measures are being adopted and fine-tuned across industries to ensure sensitive data is protected against cybercriminals and evolving attack vectors. However, some industries, such as education, are held more accountable for data protection than others.

By Susan BiddleAugust 31, 2017