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Industry Trends

Leveraging AI to Win the Cybercrime Arms Race

Learn more about how cybersecurity professionals can leverage AI to win the cybercrime arms race.

By FortinetAugust 07, 2019


How Partners Can Lessen Cyber Risk for SMB Customers Offering Digital Experiences

Learn more about how partners can offer SMB customers the tools and expertise they need for digitalization.

By Jon BoveJuly 11, 2019

Industry Trends

Security for the Networks of Tomorrow

The growth of the edge is transforming today’s networks, and the delivery of 5G will only drive that transformation faster. Learn more about how organizations can address the security challenges that new edges will introduce.

By John MaddisonMay 28, 2019

Industry Trends

SD-WAN Delivers Digital Transformation to Your Next-Gen Branch

The digital transformation of business needs to occur without a disproportionate expansion of the digital attack surface. This can only happen if we see our network and security systems as a single, holistic solution like SD-WAN.

By Nirav ShahMay 06, 2019

Industry Trends

Integrating Cloud-Native Security Across Multi-Cloud Networks

DevSecOps teams not only need to consider how they can take advantage of the cloud environment they have in place today, or how to build solutions with enough flexibility to take advantage of future platform functionalities, but to also consider a strategy that can seamlessly span across any number of platforms.

By Lior CohenMay 01, 2019

Threat Research

Securing the Network Edge

The Cyber Threat Alliance expects to see attacks on edge devices continue to rise over time. This blog adds some context to the Joint Analysis published by the CTA to serve as context and background.

By Aamir LakhaniApril 30, 2019

Business and Technology

Fortinet’s New SD-WAN Capabilities Help Achieve Maximum Application Performance

Many SD-WAN solutions struggle to provide the full range of speed, interconnectivity, flexibility, and security that today’s branch offices truly require. Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN technology, augmented by the recent release of FortiOS 6.2 and the new SD-WAN ASIC, is the first solution to not only meet, but exceed all of the requirements and expectations of the next-generation branch.

By Nirav ShahApril 09, 2019

Industry Trends

Q4 Threat Report: 2018 Attacks Highlighted the Need for Advanced Threat Intelligence

Because cyber threats often evolve along with the expanding attack surface, access to regular threat research is essential. Learn about key threat findings from 2018 and what they mean for security teams. today.

By Jeannette JarvisMarch 04, 2019

Business and Technology

Secure Technical Advancement in Research and Education: Fortinet at the Internet2 Global Summit

Fortinet is proud to be attending the Internet2 Global Summit as a Platinum Sponsor. Learn about today’s expansive attack surface, key threat trends, and essential security technology in R&E networks.

By FortinetMarch 01, 2019

Business and Technology

How Modernization Drives Cybercrime

Government IT modernization requires a distributed network that incorporates IoT devices, cloud infrastructure, and SaaS applications. Unfortunately, distributed networks also mean a larger attack surface for cybercriminals to exploit.

By FortinetFebruary 27, 2019