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DefCamp 2016

This was my first time at DefCamp in Romania, and it was definitely a good experience. DefCamp was an interesting mixture of not so technical talks (but with acute insights) and technical ones. Among the "not so technical" ones, I liked the following: Do Tinder bots dream of electric toys? Tinder is a match-making/dating application. Inbar Raz decided to test it. He created a profile according to online guidelines (images with animals, images looking official, etc.) and quickly got many matches. turned out that they...

By Axelle ApvrilleNovember 18, 2016

Threat Research

Where I (Nearly) Won a Connected Coffee Machine at DefCamp 2016

Besides conference sessions, DefCamp 2016 also ran various competitions in the hacking village. I wandered about the critical infrastructure area - an amazing model kit of a train, station, and solar panels all controlled by Siemens and Schneider PLCs - but mostly, of course, at the _IoT village_. Critical Infrastructure village with model kit, PLCs, and SCADA supervision monitor   At the IoT village, several connected devices were available to be hacked: web cameras, a water sensor, a coffee maker...I lost some time on the Foscam...

By Axelle ApvrilleNovember 17, 2016