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Fortinet FortiGuard Labs 2018 Threat Landscape Predictions

The cybercriminal marketplace is adept at adopting the latest advances in areas such as artificial intelligence to create more effective attacks. We anticipate this trend to accelerate into 2018, enabling the destructive trends mentioned in this blog.

By Derek MankyNovember 14, 2017

Industry Trends

Cybercrime: Opportunity is Also the Land of Innovation

In part one of this article, Anthony Giandomenico described how cybercrime has become not only a business, but a big business, designed to generate revenue with predesigned attacks focused on attack vectors that are easy to exploit: IoT devices. Opportunity is also the land of innovation...

By Anthony GiandomenicoSeptember 20, 2017

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Byline: Healthcare in the Crosshairs

Healthcare systems are consistently a preferred target of cybercriminals. Today, whenever a cyberattack occurs, healthcare networks seem to be right in the crosshairs. There are reasons for this. Historically, healthcare networks have been reasonablely easy to break into. Despite the implementation of new EHR systems and critical infrastructure for healthcare data exchanges, healthcare generally hasn’t kept up with other vertical markets in terms of security, creating “low-hanging fruit” for would-be attackers. These networks...

By Susan BiddleJune 01, 2017

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Manage Your Reputation - Ensure Data Security in Financial Services

Ensuring data security in financial services is critical to maintaining a positive reputation. Read this post to find out more.

By Brian ForsterDecember 01, 2016