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Helping Exponential-e Navigate the Changing Threat Landscape

To meet the challenges of the constantly evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, service providers require a robust and flexible infrastructure that enables them to adapt to new lines of attack.

By FortinetDecember 05, 2018

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Considerations for Securing Medical Research in the Cloud

While cloud computing enables medical research, it also brings security concerns. Learn the top considerations for securing medical research in the cloud.

By Susan Biddle January 26, 2018

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Byline: Meeting The Challenge of Securing the Cloud

What if the data and security elements across an organization’s various cloud environments were well integrated, cohesive and coherent, like a seamlessly woven fabric? Such an approach would allow companies to see, control, integrate and manage the security of their data across the hybrid cloud, thereby enabling them to take better advantage of the economics and elasticity provided by a highly distributed cloud environment.

By Michael XieDecember 27, 2016