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Beware of Emails Purporting to be from the IRS

FortiGuard Labs has come across a peculiar phishing campaign purporting to be from the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is titled “2018 UPDATE: NON RESIDENT ALIEN TAX WITHHOLDING.

By FortiGuard SE TeamSeptember 17, 2018

Threat Research

Business Email Scam: How Much Does a Million Dollar Cost?

Earlier this month, the Daily Mail published an article regarding foreign crime gangs stealing millions through hacking email accounts of house buyers and sellers. The con is simple - use malware to steal email credentials, study the content of compromised emails, and then use the collected information to social-engineer your way into siphoning out victims' money. Business email scam, otherwise referred to as business email compromise (BEC) scam, has been around for a while now in different forms. Historically, we have seen the same...

By Roland Dela PazJanuary 27, 2016