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The Need for Security Automation to Ensure Business Continuity

Discover how security teams can ensure business continuity by maximizing automation in their security strategy, significantly increasing their chances of detecting a breach or malicious activities quickly and effectively.

By Renee TarunMarch 31, 2020

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Maintaining Business Continuity Amid Changing Workplace Operations

Discover how CSOs and business leaders can help keep the business moving during times of unprecedented change to ensure security and productivity.

By FortinetMarch 27, 2020

Industry Trends

CISO Voices: Ensuring Business Continuity During Transition

Hear three of Fortinet’s Field CISOs – Renee Tarun, Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, and Courtney Radke – discuss the challenges and opportunities organizations are facing as they transition to new work paradigms.

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CSO Strategies for Navigating Challenging Times

Explore the key strategies CSO’s should employ to ensure that security and productivity remain resilient in times of dynamic change.

By Jonathan Nguyen-DuyMarch 18, 2020

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As a FortiGate Customer, Your Teleworker Strategy is Already in Place

Discover how FortiGate enables customers to shift from a primarily on-site workforce to a comprehensive teleworker strategy without additional hardware.

By Peter NewtonMarch 16, 2020

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Six Steps for Securing Your Remote Workforce at Scale

Learn about six things an organization should consider to secure a remote workforce at scale.

By Peter NewtonMarch 12, 2020