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BianLian: A New Wave Emerges

The FortiGuard Labs team has encountered a new version of the BianLian malware family with new functionalities and unseen techniques to hide its true functionality. Read more about this breaking threat research.

By Dario DurandoJuly 03, 2019

Threat Research

I’ve Got Trickbot Under My Screen

FortiGuard Labs spotted yet another new module being distributed by the very active Trickbot banking malware using a technique called “Hidden VNC” (virtual network computer) to stealthily take control of a victim’s machine.

Threat Research

Android Banking Malware Masquerading as Email App Targets German Banks

Summary We recently found an Android banking malware masquerading as an email app that targets several large German banks. This banking malware is designed to steal login credentials from 15 different mobile banking apps for German banks. It also has the ability to resist anti-virus mobile apps, as well as hinder 30 different anti-virus programs and prevent them from launching. Install the malware The malware masquerades as an email app. Once installed, its icon appears in the launcher, as shown below. Figure 1. Malware App Icon   Figure...

By Kai LuNovember 18, 2016