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Business and Technology

Fortinet Continues to Redefine Security

With more than 355 technology integrations with the Fortinet Security Fabric, Fortinet provides customers with one of the most extensive cybersecurity ecosystems in the industry. Learn more.

By John MaddisonMay 14, 2020

Business and Technology

What is the Average Cost of a Data Breach?

Discover how organizations can develop a security framework that highlights prevention and incident response while leveraging AI capabilities to decrease the economic impact of a data breach.

By FortinetMay 08, 2020


How Partners Can Help Customers Fill the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Explore three ways partners can assist customers to help them manage the cyber skills gap they may face.

By FortinetMarch 03, 2020

Industry Trends

Staying Ahead of Cybercriminals with AI and Playbooks

By combining the power of AI and threat playbooks, security teams can ensure a proactive approach to managing current and potential cyber threats. Learn more.

By Derek MankyFebruary 27, 2020

Threat Research

Using the FortiGuard Labs Threat Landscape Report to Defend Against Evolving Cybercrime

Learn about threat trends uncovered in FortiGuard Labs' latest Global Threat Landscape Report.

By FortiGuard LabsFebruary 26, 2020

Business and Technology

Fortinet’s Longstanding History of AI-driven Security

Learn more about Fortinet's commitment to AI-driven security to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats at machine speed.

By David FingerFebruary 24, 2020

Business and Technology

FortiAI: Virtual Security Analyst Revolutionizes Threat Protection for SecOps

Discover how FortiAI, a first-of-its-kind on-premises appliance, accelerates threat remediation and leverages deep learning to effectively transform threat protection.

By Damien LimFebruary 24, 2020

Industry Trends

10 Steps Organizations Can Take in the Fight Against Ransomware

Learn about 10 vital steps organizations can take to protect their networks against ransomware.

By FortinetNovember 12, 2019

Industry Trends

Endless Zero-Days?

As malicious actors begin to incorporate AI and machine learning (ML) into their exploit models, zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits will explode, and the threat landscape will be completely transformed.

By Derek MankyJanuary 22, 2019

Industry Trends

Will Emerging Threats Tip the Scales?

The traditional process of identifying a threat and then developing a counter defense, or even attempting to anticipate and neutralize new attack strategies, are becoming obsolete.

By FortinetJanuary 14, 2019