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Industry Trends

The Hidden Challenge of the Cloud Security Skills Gap

Learn more about the hidden challenges that the cloud security skills gap presents to organizations.

By John MaddisonJuly 15, 2019

Industry Trends

Attack Patterns Uncover Defensive Strategies

Learn more about what Fortinet's recent Threat Landscape Report uncovered about attack patterns and what it means for the threat landscape.

By FortinetJuly 12, 2019


How Partners Can Lessen Cyber Risk for SMB Customers Offering Digital Experiences

Learn more about how partners can offer SMB customers the tools and expertise they need for digitalization.

By Jon BoveJuly 11, 2019

Threat Research

LooCipher: Can Encrypted Files Be Recovered From Hell?

Learn more about the LooCipher ransomware file encryption mechanism and take a look at the possibility of decrypting affected files without paying the ransom.

By Jasper ManuelJuly 10, 2019

Business and Technology

Top 3 Reasons Email Security Should Be Top of Mind for Everyone

Learn more about why organizations should keep email security top of mind as they migrate to cloud environments.

By David FingerJuly 10, 2019

Threat Research

A Deep Dive Into IcedID Malware: Part I - Unpacking, Hooking and Process Injection

Learn more about IcedID, a banking trojan which performs web injection on browsers and acts as proxy to inspect and manipulate traffic. This is part one of a three part series.

By Kai LuJuly 09, 2019

Business and Technology

Overcoming Security Challenges Impacting Multi-Cloud Environments

Learn more about seven common cloud security strategies to help address the challenges of inconsistent cloud platforms.

By Lior CohenJuly 09, 2019

Industry Trends

Defining the SD-Branch

Find out more about how you can secure your branch network edge with Secure SD-Branch.

By John MaddisonJuly 08, 2019

Industry Trends

3 Trends Plaguing Healthcare Cybersecurity & How to Fight Them

Find out more about the three major trends plaguing healthcare cybersecurity in 2019.

By Sonia AristaJuly 03, 2019

Threat Research

BianLian: A New Wave Emerges

The FortiGuard Labs team has encountered a new version of the BianLian malware family with new functionalities and unseen techniques to hide its true functionality. Read more about this breaking threat research.

By Dario DurandoJuly 03, 2019