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Rombertik: A Personal Curiosity

If you haven’t heard of Rombertik, you probably had a nice vacation somewhere. A few weeks ago, Rombertik made its rounds in the news everywhere. Lots of articles and blogs were written about it, so out of curiosity, I had a look into it myself. Renamed Version I got a sample from our database where Rombertik has been detected as W32/DarkKomet.ENHT!tr.bdr since January of this year. Most of the time, whenever we get a new sample, it is renamed based on some patterns and rules. In this regard, the malware checks if the renamed version...

By Raul AlvarezMay 15, 2015

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Still Running XP-Based Or Other Obsolete Point-Of-Sale? Move On ASAP!

If the Point of Sale (POS) system in your retail business is still running on an older operating system, e.g., Microsoft Windows XP or anything else pre-Win 7, there are a number of compelling reasons why it's long past time to change that. And while most of these reasons are gotchas, there are also positive reasons. Newer systems are simply richer in features and easier to use. It's understandable that businesses want to hang onto systems that are still working and that employees are familiar with. But it's a bad idea that will...

By Daniel DernMay 07, 2015

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Patch Tuesday: RIP XP?

Last month, I blogged about Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday updates and how it spelled the end for Windows XP. Of course, as many speculated... it wasn't quite the end of the road for XP updates. A critical flaw found in Internet Explorer being actively used in the wild was worrisome enough to Microsoft that they pushed an IE update to include Windows XP users. You can read more about that bug, how it works, and what was done here. Personally, this author wasn't surprised it happened that way - as many sites reported, there are plenty of...

By Richard HendersonMay 12, 2014

By Michael PernaMay 03, 2014

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First End of Support Windows XP Internet Explorer Vulnerability Discovered

What's going on? Over the past weekend information became available about a previously-unknown vulnerability in all modern versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser that allow an attacker to remotely execute code without the victim's permission. This can lead to compromise of your system and various malware to be installed. The exploit leverages a technique often used by attackers via Adobe Flash to bypass certain features of IE that are designed to prevent remote code execution (RCE). Why is this a big deal? This vulnerability (which...

By Richard HendersonApril 28, 2014

By Michael PernaApril 12, 2014

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Patch Tuesday: So Long XP, and Thanks for all the Fish!

Over twelve years ago, Microsoft released to the world what has arguably been the most successful and famous Operating System ever created: Windows XP. The "new" Windows eXPerience was a significant step up from the desktop versions of Windows before it. While Windows 95, 98 and ME were basically versions of Windows running on top of Microsoft's stalwart MS-DOS, the new version of Windows brought the much more stable and robust underpinnings of their NT (New Technology) operating system to the desktop. Users rejoiced at the time. Less blue screens!...

By Richard HendersonApril 08, 2014

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End of Life for Windows XP

Microsoft's Windows XP is retiring. For those who haven't heard the news, the Redmond, Washington-based software company is going to deliver its final security update to April 8, 2014, before permanently discontinuing support for the platform. The news comes as a double-edged sword. While still a tried and true favorite for PC-lovers, by now, many in the U.S. have moved on to Microsoft's subsequent OS releases. But not everyone else has. In fact, research and analytics company Net Applications estimates that around a third of the world's computers...

By Stefanie HoffmanDecember 10, 2013