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SSH Issue Update

Fortinet was founded with the goals of providing the best performing security devices on the planet in combination with unmatched value and features.  We take our technology and product quality seriously, and, with that in mind, we want to make customers aware of software updates to address vulnerabilities in relation to the Full Disclosure SSH issue posted last week here on the Fortinet blog. In addition to ISO industry-leading best practices, we follow and comply with regular review processes that include multiple tiers of inspection,...

By FortinetJanuary 20, 2016

Threat Research

NSA's (and GCHQ) Decryption Capabilities: Truth and Lies

Edward Snowden has revealed new information concerning the cryptographic capabilities of the NSA and GCHQ (TheGuardian, ProRepublica, leaking documents...). The CryptoGirl was bound to look into that topic ;) Let's go straight to the point and answer simple questions. Is cryptography unsecure? No, I don't think so. Basically, cryptography is maths (prime numbers, finite fields, polynomials...), and maths are solid science with proofs and demonstrations. Cryptographic algorithms are only seldom broken (e.g MD5). What's quite often "broken" are...

By Axelle ApvrilleSeptember 06, 2013

Threat Research

Android/DroidKungFu: attacking from a mobile device?

The Android malware DroidKungFu reports back to the following URLs: http://[REMOVED] http://[REMOVED] http://[REMOVED] A whois on the corresponding IP address replies with the following most peculiar information: it looks like the IP address belongs to a mobile device (either a phone, or a tablet, or a computer with a 2G/3G connection...) of a well-known Chinese operator. Of course, we have immediately notified this operator. This is rather...

By Axelle ApvrilleJune 16, 2011

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Securing your jailbroken iPhone

Unless you have been cut from the net this last week, you probably know by now iPhones are facing their first set of malware (first ? well, actually, not quite as we have already detected spyware for iPhones): it's just all over the web. Those malware target jailbroken iPhones whose the default root password ('alpine') hasn't been changed. Consequently, most people remind/advise iPhone owners to customize root's password or not to jailbreak their iPhone. This is correct, but it is nonetheless worth adding that: all passwords should be customized:...

By Axelle ApvrilleDecember 02, 2009