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IRS Notification? No, It is a Scam

In every country and region in the world, tax season is also a time when we see a spike in scams, phishing, and targeted malware. The tax return season in the US is coming to the end. Have you filed your tax return yet? Did you receive any notifications from the IRS (the Internal Revenue Service) in your email?  We did, but not from the real IRS. (Remember, the IRS never communicates important information with taxpayers by email.) FortiGuard Labs recently collected a number of malware samples related to the current tax season in the US....

By Xiaopeng ZhangApril 13, 2017

Industry Trends

Driverless Cars: A New Way of Life Brings a New Cybersecurity Challenge

Cars are an essential part of our everyday life, and are crucial for transporting millions of commuters through towns and cities, and even from one country to another, on a daily basis. With “smart” vehicles increasingly playing a major role in our day-to-day lives, it’s no surprise that semi- and fully autonomous transportation, and the potential for driverless cars have become hot topics. According to Gartner, driverless vehicles will represent approximately 25 percent of the passenger vehicle population in use in mature markets...

By Anthony GiandomenicoOctober 27, 2016

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Android Security Report in Far Less Than 44 Pages

If you haven't had time to read Google's 44 page Android security report, this is a quick recap of what they say, and what we think about it. Globally, their report is consistent with our data, apart from a few glitches and a (not so surprising) trend to minimize security risks ;) Infection rate Google says: Less than 1% of all devices have Potentially Harmful Applications (PHA ~ malware + riskware + adware) Less than 0.15% of devices only downloading from Google Play had PHA FortiGuard: Having our products on the...

By Axelle ApvrilleApril 17, 2015

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Investigating on Pawn Storm for iPhone

Recently, a new malware for iOS devices was discovered apparently part of the Pawn Storm operation. We've investigated. Update 2015/02/19: The BuildMachineOSBuild is actually shared with 9 other Mac devices, so the author may have been working also on a MacBook Air 11'', MacBook Pro 15'' etc. The following features of Pawn Storm apparently do not require jailbreak: getting phone info (device model etc), test existence of jailbreak, list running processes, get wifi status, geolocation. Some other features don't...

By Axelle ApvrilleFebruary 13, 2015

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0wning Emmental

A long time ago, I posted a video showing how to control Zitmo (the mobile component of ZeuS). It turns out you can (nearly) do exactly the same with Emmental. If you are not aware of Operation Emmental, please jump to this excellent white paper. So, basically, this operation aims at compromising bank accounts, in particular (but not limited to) Swiss banks - where the naming Emmental comes from. Like ZeuS and Zitmo, or SpyEye and Spitmo, Emmental compromises the victim's PC and installs a trojan spyware on the Android phone. The scenario is well...

By Axelle ApvrilleOctober 21, 2014

By Michael PernaOctober 04, 2014

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iOS Malware Does Exist

With our FortiGuard Labs reporting that 96.5% of all mobile malware is Android based it would be easy to see why someone might opt for an iPhone. But, users beware. Don't write off iOS as the secure alternative to Android just yet! Despite, Android malware being nearly an epidemic, or as Tim Cook referenced, "a toxic hellstew", iOS is not immune. Before somebody asks me (again) whether there are any iOS malware or not, I decided to consolidate the information for you. Hope this helps you, and keeps your (i-) phones secure :) Name Discovery...

By Axelle ApvrilleJune 08, 2014

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Alligator detects GPS-leaking adware

Those last few months, we have been using and tuning a data mining engine developed by researchers of Telecom ParisTech. The tool is named Alligator, mostly because we believe alligators are hungry animals :) (and a little because this means "AnaLyzing maLware wIth partitioninG and probAbiliTy-based algORithms"). Integrated in our own crawling, property extraction and reporting architecture, the engine helps us spot suspicious packages among the huge load of Android applications. Recently, as we were tuning our framework, Alligator reported a...

By Axelle ApvrilleAugust 01, 2013

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Zitmo hits Android

Zitmo has been used by the ZeuS gang to defeat SMS-based banking two-factor authentication on Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile for a several months (see my ShmooCon slides). Lately, there's been an active discussion on technical forums regarding ZeuS targetting Android users. We finally managed to get our hands on the mobile sample the ZeuS PC trojans are propagating. Actually, it is not a new sample and has been detected under several names (Android.Trojan.SmsSpy.B, Trojan-Spy.AndroidOS.Smser.a, Andr/SMSRep-B), but it is far more scary when...

By Axelle ApvrilleJuly 08, 2011

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When Your Phone Becomes Your Worst Enemy

If smart phones were human, we would most probably compare them to assistants - you know, those organized persons we rely on to cope with our own lack of memory and who will remind us of any important meeting and never lose any valuable phone number. Others would perhaps compare them to close friends to whom one can tell secrets (your bank PIN ?) or with whom one shares a few holiday or family pictures. It looks like few of us consider the betrayal of such a close friend, turning him/her into our worst enemy. Yet, this is exactly what mobile phone...

By Axelle ApvrilleOctober 27, 2009