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Security Threat Landscape: June 2014

This month on the security threat landscape, our very own Derek Manky made a visit to Network World in Boston to discuss in-person, with Keith Shaw, the FIRST conference and all the latest trends in the threat landscape.

By Michael PernaJune 30, 2014

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Security Threat Landscape: May 2014

This month's Security Threat Landscape with Network World's Keith Shaw and Fortinet's Derek Manky covers everything from the FBI crack down on Blackshades to eBay.

By Michael PernaJune 02, 2014

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Security Threat Landscape with Derek Manky and Network World

2014 has come out swinging with lots of things to discuss in the security threat landscape for January. Our very own Derek Manky, Global Security Strategist, talks with IDG Enterprise's Keith Shaw on the Target hack, the worst passwords, and the 10-year anniversary of mobile malware. For more on the Target breach read an interesting take on the recent hack written by Rick Popko Learn more about staying safe online with Data Privacy Day: Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Privacy For more on the 10th anniversary of mobile malware check out...

By Michael PernaJanuary 28, 2014

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Derek Manky Discusses 2014 Threat Predictions with Network World

With the end of the year coming around, 'tis the season for threat predictions. Today, our very own Derek Manky spoke with Network World's Keith Shaw about Fortinet's take on what is to come for 2014. There is definitely a lot of talk about the ever looming threat and sleuth of the modern day botnet, new and ever-changing Android malwares, and the advent of ransomware on mobile devices. For more, see the interview for you self: For more follow the following links - Fortinet's 2014 Threat Predictions - A Day in the Life of a Mobile Ransomware -...

By Michael PernaDecember 17, 2013

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Derek Manky Talks BadBIOS and Cryptolocker - Network World Podcast

FortiGuard's Global Security Strategist Derek Manky spoke with Network World's Keith Shaw late last week to discuss some hot topics in the threat landscape. Derek and Keith discuss at length BadBIOS, how it might work and where we may see it or other malware move in the near future. They also touch on the bug found in Supermicro IPMI that could allow low-level control of servers and wrap up with a discussion on the explosion of the Cryptolocker ransomware. Some more details on Cryptolocker and ransomware in general follows after the video link...

By Richard HendersonNovember 18, 2013

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Network World's Security Threat Landscape - May 2013

In this monthly video series focusing on the latest digital security threats, Keith Shaw and Fortinet's Derek Manky discuss the recent Twitter hack on the Associated Press, the Spamhaus arrests and DNS amplification, and the latest Android hacks.

By Rick PopkoJuly 30, 2012

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App Security Wins Move at Snail's Pace

Of 200 enterprise security professionals recently surveyed by Enterprise Strategy Group, 79 percent report Web application security attacks in the past year. In a late April Network World blog on the topic, Jon Oltsik, a principal analyst at ESG, said the study also found thieves attacked Web application features and functions such as application authentication, configuration management, application authorization and session management. Oltsik says the good news is that there's more emphasis on secure software development lifecycles, developer...

By Stefanie HoffmanJuly 30, 2012

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Security Landscape: Do-it-yourself crimeware botnet kits

On this episode of Network World's Security Landscape, Derek Manky from Fortinet and Keith Shaw discuss the latest security threats seen worldwide. This includes the rise of do-it-yourself crimeware botnet kits, as well as the possibility of another iPhone jailbreak vulnerability on Oct. 10, 2010.

By Rick PopkoOctober 14, 2010

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Network World and Fortinet launch Security Landscape

Network World in conjunction with Fortinet, this week launched a new editorial podcast called Security Landscape that looks at the most recent computer security threats, ranging from exploits to malware to spam campaigns. In this episode, tech influencer Keith Shaw talks with Fortinet threat researcher Derek Manky about the TotalSecurity ransomware threat, social engineering spam campaigns and why we could start seeing lots of Windows XP exploits hitting the top of the charts. Network World is the premier provider of information, intelligence and...

By Rick PopkoSeptember 14, 2010