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5 ½ Considerations For Securing the Home Office

As increasing numbers of employees work from home, organizations often overlook the security needs of remote workers. Telework predates the BYOD phenomenon by decades. Despite Yahoo!’s move to the contrary, many organizations are shrinking their office spaces and expanding their employees’ ability to work from home. Employees value the flexibility and the lack of a commute, while employers value lower operating costs and workers who happily blur the line between home and professional life, working extended hours long after they might have left...

By Chris DawsonNovember 05, 2014

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Behind the Firewall: Your Home Network with Fortinet

_Behind the Firewall is an ongoing series that explores the stories of individuals and organizations in their use of firewall technology. Recently, a user on twitter reached out to us and told us about his home networking story. _ Darin Cowan was a security consultant for nearly 20 years before taking a job as the manager of corporate security at a Canadian financial institution. Darin's experience in the industry has enabled him to build an impressive home network that seconds as a lab for testing and continued consulting purposes. His impressive...

By Michael PernaNovember 04, 2013


Q: How can I stay super secure on my home network?

A: The simplest answer is to make yourself a difficult target. Best case practices like patch management and using a basic firewall are easy ways to prevent basic snooping. Having the most up to date patches installed can, more often than not, resolve a majority of basic security vulnerabilities. Patch management is as fundamental to your security posture as changing the oil in your car. Being proactive about it is the veritable low hanging fruit when it comes to filling in security cracks. Adding a basic firewall on your network can make...

By Michael PernaSeptember 25, 2013